Preventative Care

Research has shown that dental disease, both tooth decay and gum disease, are largely preventable. Prevention of these problems requires knowledge and understanding by the individual. We are all genetically different but the disease processes are the same.

At every patients routine ‘check-up’ we take time to explain your individual risk factors and discuss your home maintenance and dietary habits that may cause you dental problems.

The huge array of dental cleaning and toothpaste options can be discussed. Understanding how to minimise your risk factors and optimise your home care will benefit you long term

White fillings

The advantage of a white filling is that it is virtually identical to the natural tooth in colour and it actually bonds to the tooth structure which also strengthens the tooth. A white filling can be done in one visit and the materials used provide a more attractive way to treat tooth decay whilst strengthening your tooth.

White fillings are almost always used these days instead of the traditional sliver coloured amalgam fillings. Almost all patients prefer to have a white filling placed in their mouth primarily for aesthetic reasons. But Dentists recommend them for strength and fracture resistance.

Digital Radiography

Knowing exactly what is happening inside your tooth and below your gums enables the team at Essential Dental to make an exact diagnosis and develop the most suitable treatment plan to your care. Digital x-rays are an important step in the care available at Essential Dental. Through the use of digital x-rays, we are able to detect a host of ailments that are often otherwise invisible during routine examination. The following conditions are an example of what can be seen through the use of digital x-rays.

  • Tooth decay
  • Abscesses (tooth infection)
  • Gum disease
  • Oral cancer
  • Cysts

Digital x-rays are efficient and emit up to 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays. They can be stored electronically and emailed to specialists to whom you may be referred for more complex treatment procedures.

Digital x-rays also help us monitor your treatment progress. Essential Dental will be guided by your personal needs and diagnosis of your current health when considering how often you will need to have updated digital x-rays

Specialist support

Here in Ballarat we are extremely lucky to have a large network of Specialist services close to hand. These include Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons, Oral Medicine, Periodontists and Endodontists. We also have a network of many professional services in both Geelong and Melbourne and are able to personalize our referral to suit both your needs and personality.

We also have a range of Specialist Technicians on hand ready to create everything from splints, bleach kits to dentures and crown and bridge ceramics.

Infection Control

Your health and safety is our highest priority. All our staff are trained in stringent hygiene and safety policies, in line with the guidelines as set by the Australian Dental Association (ADA). All our staff members undertake ongoing training and follow regulations meticulously.

All dental instruments are heat sterilised in the latest autoclavable, pressure steam sterilisation unit. Disposable instruments are used when possible and placed in special medical waste containers.
Basics of Hand-washing; Barrier control; Disposable gloves – (non-latex available); Masks and appropriate protective clothing, ensure minimal risk of even common virus transmission.