Introducing Ashmore Dentistry

As of today, 25 February 2019, we are excited to change our name to Ashmore dentistry. We have changed our name from Ballarat Essential Dental to Ashmore Dentistry. Nothing else has changed, our staff and dentists are the same, and our location is still at 11 Drummond Street South, Ballarat.

We have chosen the name Ashmore after the name of our current building “Ashmore House”. Ashmore house was built at the height of Ballarat’s gold rush in the late 18th century. The Victorian beauty was built to last the ages, with its elegant and robust brickwork, decorative cornices and outstanding latticework.

You will notice a change in the appearance of our building as we have worked hard to bring it back to the original brickwork.

Like Ashmore House, our foundations are strong. We are one of the oldest established dentists in Ballarat. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, delivering both medical excellence and a keen eye for the aesthetics.

We are creating a family practice that will last a lifetime. Understanding the value of tradition while offering the best of modern dentistry. We are looking after our patients and their families for generations to come.

Welcome to our house.


Before our restorations


After our restorations












































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