After completing his University Degree, Dr David Goubrial undertook his Oral Surgery training in the Oral and Maxillofacial Unit at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne.  Dr Goubrial also undertook his training in the Special Needs Department and was working at the Northern Hospital Dental Unit managing immunocompromised and special needs patients. 

Dr Goubrial’s particular interests are impacted third molar surgery, pre-prosthetic alveolar reconstructive surgery and the management of immunocompromised patients. David operates out at the Ballarat Day Procedure Centre. 

Dr. Goubrial is passionate about sharing his knowledge, he teaches and demonstrates Oral Surgery at the University of Melbourne to the senior dental students. He also teaches to other general dental and medical colleagues. 

In his spare time, David enjoys basketball and gardening. He also enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and baby boy.

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